Philips Seteline Epilator Reviews

Hi friends,:)

I was thinking for an alternative for waxing, because I am a working woman and its hard for me to go parlour frequently because I don’t have enough time, I found Philips Seteline Epilator, that is cheap in rate and easy to use now I am always ready for party and any function 🙂 lets discuss more about this:

Philips is one of a renowned and recognized brand in the market of electronics. The products of Philips are secure and reliable. Its one of a best product is a Philips Satinelle Epilator; it is especially for hand and legs. It will gently remove the hair from the root as 0.5 mm. Number of products are available in the market, and the rate varies with the product. This is especially loved by the girls because through this one can easily remove the hair from hand and leg in a very less time.


Its starting price is around Rs. 2035, and varies with the product. If you buy it with some website, then maybe you will get some discount on it.


•    Long lasting smoothness
•    Gently remove the hair from the root as 0.5mm
•    After removing the hair from this product, the hair that grows back will be thinner
•    You can enjoy hair free skin up to 4 weeks
•    It is washable
•    Waterproof
•    It has ergonomic grip, which is very comfortable for handling
•    2 years warranty and guarantee from the Philips from the date of purchasing
•    And much more



I dont think so is there any problem, the only thing is it make some noise when you use it, and has no demerits, but as it is a gadget, so it should handle in a proper way.
8.7 Out of 10

Would I Recommend
Of course, I would recommend to use the product, as I used only 1 or 2 times, but that time i have an awesome experience with it, and I was able to remove the hair in a very less time.