Presenting Kangana Ranaut’s Makeup And Beauty Secrets

Kangana Ranaut is a beauty queen of Bollywood. She is extremely beautiful. She is stylish. She has flawless skin. She is a lovely woman, whom you should follow. I am describing about her some makeup and beauty secrets.

Use soap free cleanser:

She uses soapfree cleanser.Sometimes soap causes harm to skin. It reduces the ph level of skin. Soap makes skin dull. Sometimessoapcontains harmful elements. Soap reduces essential oil of skin. Soap free cleaner will clean skin without causing any harm to skin. It will clean all the dirt from skin. Soap free cleaner will protect your skin from drying.

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Apply toner:

Kangana applies toner. Toner removes oil and traces of dirt and grime. Toner is useful for oily or ache-prone skin. It gives skin ph balance. It protects skin from impurities. It works as a moisturizer also. It revitalizes skin.

Apply moisturizer:

Moisturizer will keep your face hydrated. She applies high quality moisturizer. She uses EmamiBoroplusmoisturizer. It prevents flaking and dullness. It creates a protective layer on skin. Its anti-aging formula makes you to look younger.

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Apply eye cream:

She applies eye cream. Eye cream increases the beauty of eyes.

Apply Honey:

She applies honey on her skin. It is anti-bacterial. Honey nourishes skin. It makes your skin glowing.

Eat healthy foods:

She prefers vegetarian diets to non-vegetarian diets. She recommends highly nutritious foods. She eats porridge, cereals, fruits, dal, rice, boiled vegetables, chapattis, brown bread, salad etc. for her breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner. She avoids oily and sugary foods.

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She uses shampoo from Fabindia:

She likes spa and conditioning for healthy skin. She applies oil on her hair. She uses shampoo from Fabindia. He likes curly hair most.

Drinks a lot of water:

She drinks a lot of water. Water keeps her hydrated. Water is essential for every body cell. Water helps blood and other body organs to work properly. Water makes body toxin free. Water treats headache and migranes.

Lip care:

She applies lip balm on her lips. She uses MAC products for her lips. She likes ‘YSL’ and ‘Armani’ lips shades. She prefers pink or red lip color.

Practice exercises:

She practices exercises like power yoga, kick boxing, squats, pull-ups and push-ups. These exercises keep her fit. She dances. It keeps her fit and happy.