Punjabi Makeup Tips

Punjabi Makeup Tips

Punjabi Makeup Tips

Punjabi cosmetics are described by dull hues, complimenting haircuts and bunch of frill. Whether it is your wedding, or you are going to go to a Punjabi party, mylifenstyle.in will let you know how to do Punjabi cosmetics all alone. All you require is an arrangement of good quality cosmetics items, so that your cosmetics stay crisp and durable all through the function.

Before applying your base cosmetics, clean your face completely with a decent face wash, and apply some cream. At that point rub an ice 3D shape all over to feel crisp and close the skin pores.

Apply a corrector on the issue territories of your skin, with the goal that you accomplish an even tone on your neck and skin. Click here to know how to cover spots with makeup. Strokes work superior to anything specks to give you an even mix.

Next, apply establishment all over in dabs, particularly on the neck, jaw line and around the eyes. At that point utilize a wet cosmetics wipe to mix the establishment with your skin. This will give a brilliant look and smooth base to your face.

At last, seal the base with a minimized. The shade that you utilize ought to coordinate with the establishment. Try not to apply a lot of the conservative powder, as it might give you a cakey appearance.


Eye cosmetics


  • Start with applying free powder under your eyes and over the eye covers.
  • Use darker shades on the external corners of your eyes, and mix together to offer measurement to your eyes. Re-apply the external and internal corner shades, and mix appropriately to give a darker completion.
  • Apply sparkle on the forehead bone, the shade of which ought to coordinate with your outfit. At that point apply the sparkle, and mix appropriately to give a smoother wrap up.
  • Use twofold layer of dark mascara, and cocoa or bruised eye liner on the eye tops.
  • To complete, apply dim Kajal or kohl under your eyes, trailed by a hued Kajal is wanted.



  •  Highlighting the cheeks can have a considerable measure of effect in giving you a glittery or dull look. So pick your base shade just, or a peach-pink connotation.
  •  First of all, apply the base tone on your jaw line, beginning from inside, and moving towards the brow with upward strokes. This will improve your face components, and give a more extended look.
  •  Apply bronzer with a glittery completion on the cheek apples. Try not to utilize a shade that is extremely gleaming or dull. Abstain from utilizing cream based blushers, as it might make your face look dim and slick.



  •  A suitable shade of lipstick will give a last touch to your Punjabi cosmetics. Apply establishment on your lips and utilize a powder to set it.
  •  Define your lips with a lip liner.
  •  Use base shading on your base lip, and darker coat on the upper lip.
  •  Finish with sparkle, and mix with brush.


Your Punjabi cosmetics are currently prepared. When you return from the gathering, remember to uproot the cosmetics legitimately with olive oil.