Review of Vaseline Cocoa Glow Moisturizer

With unadulterated Cocoa Butter and Strays 3 Multi-layer moisture, Cocoa Glow moisturizer leaves your skin feeling sound and shining. This rich feel recipe lights skin’s common shine at the source.

Cost: Rs. 65 for 100 ml.

Vaseline cocoa sparkle body cream arrives in a flip open tube. The body moisturizer is minimal grayish in shading and has a yummy chocolaty aroma. This body moisturizer enters profound inside the primary layer of the skin i.e. stratum corundum and makes it look hydrated. I utilize it consistently after shower and apply it immovably everywhere throughout the body. There is no apprehension of staying or stinking as it is without oil and has a lovely chocolate scent. This body moisturizer floats effectively on to the skin and does not require any additional exertion in spreading


Presently, Vaseline has been sufficiently inventive to concoct such a large number of variations of the petroleum jam and significantly more variations of body moisturizers taking into account each part of skin, so aren’t they worth an attempt? I have attempted the vast majority of their moisturizers and have never at any point been frustrated separated from the way that these are difficult to complete if by chance you get a 400 ml bottle family pack!


Smells divine with a mix of vanilla and chocolate, rich, sumptuous, softening, genuinely quick retaining and quite helpful jug and flip top, what else you require from a body cream, Vaseline, the name is sufficient for me generally. Get the family pack, in the event that you are set out toward great winters, you won’t be frustrated.


  • Has cocoa margarine.
  • Stunning cocoa smell.
  • It has 2 year long time span of usability.
  • Neither runny nor thick. Fitting consistency.
  • Keeps the skin saturated up to 6 hours.
  • Leaves the skin delicate and supple.



  • Does not add gleam to the skin, as guaranteed.
  • Case of 24 hr support is not valid.


My rating: 4/5