Revlon Touch and Glow Fairness Cream Review

Howdy young ladies! How are you? I trust every one of you is upbeat, chirpy and excellent, as ever. I have an admission to make. I generally fall of a prey to items that say words like, “clear composition”, “decency”, “sparkling skin” (Even however the vast majority of them never do precisely what they guarantee!) Given that, there is one all the more such item I happened to get, couple of months back. It is Revlon touch and shine propelled reasonableness cream.



This decency cream arrives in a delicate pink and cream shaded tube. It has a screw top, which closes firmly. It is light weight and simple to bear.


The cream is velvety white in shading and it has a moisturizer like consistency. It is not in any manner runny, not thick either. It spreads well on skin and gets totally ingested in skin. Kindly see the photo, that much sum is adequate for whole face. It has a mellow odor which goes off genuine quick. Thus, it ought not to be an issue for bad tempered noses.


The cream leaves the skin with a matte completion. Thankfully, it doesn’t leave my skin with a powdery layer (like reasonable and exquisite). It feels light on my skin with no oily feeling by any stretch of the imagination. I have not encountered any break outs or hypersensitivity with the item. Generally speaking, it is a not too bad day cream.




  • Feels light on skin


  • It has sunscreen


  • Mellow aroma


  • No pale layer on skin after use, as with Fair and beautiful


  • Helps in disposing of day by day tan


  • No breakouts


  • Moderate


  • Travel neighborly