The Major Mistakes That You Are Regularly Doing If You Have Pcos

Now a days it is a very common problem that women are facing and it is PCOS. Most of the women are aware about PCOS while some are not, women who are not aware about PCOS must know about it because if they not take a treatment properly then it will lead to some major issue. PCOS i.e. polycystic ovary syndrome, at the present time, it is common in women and it happens due to the imbalance in hormones. The main cause of PCOS is the lack of fertility or endocrine disorder.

Women must know about the symptoms, causes, problems and treatments. The major mistakes that you are regularly doing if you have PCOS are:

  • Not taking proper treatment, avoiding exercise and not taking healthy diet
  • If a woman has PCOS then she has to take child control pills, if she doesn’t want to get pregnant
  • Take the doctor advice and follow it properly
  • Pregnant lady should have to take more precaution than the normal lady because if she has done any mistake during her pregnancy when she have PCOS then the problem that she can face are premature delivery, miscarriage or gestational diabetes
  • Do the diagnosed process properly

There are some symptoms through which you can determine that you have PCOS problem, such as irregular period, excessive hair growth, acne on face, difficultly in conceiving pregnancy, weight loss, hair fall, menstrual problem, pelvic pain, etc. if you see any symptom then immediately you have to contact the doctor because your small mistake can lead to you major problems.

Women take care of your health and if you have any health issue, never avoid medicine, do proper exercise and take proper care of your health as well as follow every step prescribed by your doctor because if your health is good then only you can take care of your family.