The Minimal Makeup Look For Summer

Minimal Makeup Look For Summer

All those who think summer isn’t fashion style and beauty need to think again. Well, do you like to wear makeup or prefer to step out without it? There are women who prefer to avoid the foundation and other beauty products when stepping out of their homes, whereas there are others who prefer the minimal makeup look. The minimal makeup look is a boon in the summers when you need to look good. After all, who would want the foundation to melt down and make them look like a clown.  Here are some of the looks you must try out to rock the summer in style.

Minimal Makeup Look For Summer


Choose Clear Mascara look

One of the most interesting summer look is the use of clear mascara. Each and every woman love to make their eyes attractive and there are no better ways than the clear mascara. Get hold of a good clear mascara and apply it to get the perfect summer look all the time. Be it evening parties or brunch gatherings, you sure are going to rock it with this look. There is no doubt that a black mascara can do wonders to the eyes, but it looks gross when starts drooping in the summer heat. To avoid such blunders, this looks is a must have one.

Try the Raccoon Eyes

Summer is all about comfortable style and so the smokey eye is a big No No. Well, you don’t need to worry, you can still carry out a stunning look with the raccoon eyes.  This is a remarkable style that never goes wrong in the summer when you must look good without spoiling your makeup. Coming to the look, this will give you a little tan look from the beach. Additionally, this look goes well with almost all outfits. You need to use the concealer to get this look. Just dab a little concealer under and around the eyes and you are all set to get the raccoon eyes.


Opt for nude lip colors

Love wearing lipsticks? Well, summers don’t stop you from wearing them, but you need to make some changes to get the right minimal look. For this, you need to choose from nude shades or if you are not in favor of nude colors, simply try out lip glosses in peach shades. If you have a fair complexion, try out light or baby pink shades that blend with your lip color. For those with dusky skin color, options are numerous. You can either opt for peach or neutral shades.

Say hello to tinted glow

Who says summers are not about foundations? If you need to get the complete minimal makeup look, your makeup kit needs to have a face primer or foundation. But again, you need to choose it very carefully. There are numerous products available in the market that will help you get the right look. Choose a light face primer that goes with your complexion. This is one of the most important things you must remember. It would be great if you can get hold of a tinted moisture that gives you overall coverage as well as nice glow. There are is nothing like a sun kissed glow when it comes to this type of lightweight moisturizer.

Get highlighted eyebrows

If you thought the minimal look in summer is all about less makeup you are not right. To complete this minimal makeup look you need to highlight the eyebrows. Always remember right contouring of eyebrows is one of the primary aspects of getting a proper look. To get this look, use a good eyebrow pencil and highlight the eyes properly. Apart from this, choose an eyebrow pencil that is the same color as your eyebrow. This will help you look gorgeous and summer ready.

Blend in the blush

Now, the crucial thing about blush is that you apply powder on powder and cream on cream. So, if you have applied a moisturizer, it is better to stick to cream blush. This will help the makeup stay longer. Another reason for choosing cream blush is because it gives you a natural summer glow. Choose a pinkish or a peachy shade if you like or a beige shade. Apply it on the cheekbones using outward strokes. Blend it perfectly so that you get a natural glow that doesn’t make you look like a clown.

These are minimal makeup look you simply cannot do away with in the summer. It will give you a makeup look, but with less makeup and most importantly the right makeup.