These 11 Latest Jewellery You Must Try This Wedding Season 2016

A beautiful time has come that is wedding season. In normal life, women are crazy for their dresses and accessories and one of their main accessory is jewellery. Women always look for the awesome and latest jewellery design because it is a thing that adds essence in their personality. All are looking for awesome and attractive jewellery design that matches with their dress or their outfit.

  1. Jhumkis: It is a great choice and it suits with every dress wheather it is saree, suit or lehanga:
  2. Temple Jewellery: These designs are commonly famous in southern part of India. It comes under traditional jewellery that includes raani haar, matha patti, kamar bandh, baju bandh, kanphool, etc.
  3. Italian Inspiration: Currently, Italian-inspired designs are highly in demand:
  4. Ear Cuffs: Ear cuffs will give a different look to your personality:
  5. Earrings with Crystal: This is an amazing design which gives you an elegant look:
  6. Finger Ring: In jewellery, finger ring plays a very important role and it must be amazing and different from others:
  7. Bendi: It is one of a traditional jewellery which gives an amazing look to your personality:
  8. Bangles: While getting ready for the wedding, never forget about bangles with your traditional outfit:
  9. Nathni: Nathni or nose ring, that we wear normally in our daily life but it is important while getting ready for wedding is to wear something different from normal:
  10. Armlets: Unqiue designs armlets are available in a huge range, so you can pick a best one which suits with your dress:
  11. Payal: Try to wear payal with your outfit, it will give you a beautiful look:

    payal 2016

These are the jewellery that you must try for this wedding season. Previously as well as today also, women prefer to wear gold and silver jewellery but now mostly like to wear artificial jewellery because in that lots of options are available.