Things To Keep In Mind While Shopping Gold

Marriage time is started, so are you planning to buy gold. If yes, then you should have to remember some points before shopping gold jewellery. Ladies love to buy gold jewellery but they aren’t aware about that gold is pure or not. Buying a gold is a kind of investment done by the people. For middle class family people, buying a gold is a really a very big thing, so if you are planning to buy gold then these tips are really helpful:

gold shopping

  • When you want to buy gold then go for only BIS Hallmarked Gold jewellery. The making charges of hallmarked jewellery are different. If you buy from local jewelers then it will be less while if you go for some big brands then you have pay more making charges.
  • Always insist of retail invoice on that you will get all the information like actual price of gold on that day, making charges, carat of gold and BIS hallmarking license number, each and everything are clearly mentioned in that.
  • Always check these five signs on gold while buying it, that is BIS hallmarking logo, carat of gold, logo of hallmarking center, logo of jeweler and manufacturing of gold jewellery year ( for example, for 2k15 it’s sign is T). If any sign is missing then it is clear that it is not a hallmarked jewellery.
  • If you are shopping gold and having doubt regarding the purity of gold then you can go to the nearby hallmarking center and ask them to check the purity of gold. They will merely charge 100 rs. for test.

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