Top 15 Secrets For Long, Thick and Shiny Hairs

Hello friends, 🙂 :), hairs are the most lovable part of the human body and is also at the top for a beautiful look and styles. Wherever you are going hair style, hair cut and hair texture make you look gorgeous. To get the advantage of hair style in your face and beautiful, its care and maintenance is needed. It’s not so tough to provide the silky, shiny, thick and long hair to yourself. All you need to do is to regularly care with gentle massage.



  • Release tensions and worries from your mind, it helps to increase the hair strength and overall growth,
  • Gentle massage with oil for 15-20 minutes, works as the therapy for scalp for better hair texture,
  • Shampoo is the most important part that should be applied at least twice a week and possible it should be less of chemicals,
  • Applying home remedies on hair like lemon, onion juice, banana and many more help to provide the nourishment to the hairs,
  • Regular hair cut in some time interval that will increases hair growth and removes the dead end from hair,
  • Diet with nutrients also matters to provide the required nutrition to the hair,
  • Use henna powder twice in a month
  • Take a walk in the fresh air
  • Use bristle wooden hair brush or comb,
  • Avoid using the hair dryer,
  • Relax your mind and body for some time daily,
  • Eat nuts, cashews, coconut and almond daily,
  • Avoid curling hair frequently,
  • Instead of applying too many cosmetic products try using home remedies,
  • Avoid hair wash with hard water.

Take care 🙂


Secrets For Long, Thick and Shiny Hairs

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