Top 20 Indian Beauty Blogs

When it comes to beauty tips and hacks, the first thought that comes to your mind is searching for them on the internet. Traditional Indian beauty tips best come from mothers and grandmothers. However, there have sprouted various Indian beauty blogs that have adeptly managed to combine the traditions with personal and innovative twists. So, here is a list of top 20 Indian beauty blogs that captivate the essence of creative beauty.

Top 20 Indian Beauty Blogs

  1. Peaches and Blush

Mehak’s blog Peaches and Blush is super refreshing and amusing, that advises you on everyday beauty hacks and tricks. Its most popular section is Indian Brides, containing articles like Wedding Vendors, Bridal Files, Real Brides, Bridal Fashion and much more.

  1. The Indian Beauty Blog

Moved by passion, Ritu Rajput manages and creates mettle for her blog, including product reviews, latest fashion trends, fashion and beauty related events in New Delhi, and so on.

  1. Divassence

Divassence strives “to help you as you walk the extra mile to doll-up, look great and feel great”. A cheerful beauty website, Divassence includes DIY beauty tutorials, makeup and cosmetic recommendations, and dressing styles and lots more.

  1. The Indian Spot

Using everyday petty household cooking or eating basics, The Indian Spot

has created contents describing the most effective and beneficial outcomes. From common salt to gram flour, procuring DIY ideas from almost everything lying around your house, The Indian Spot can advise on sustaining your thriving beauty.



  1. Wiseshe – Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle

Started in 2010, Wiseshe is another leading beauty blog in India. Wiseshe updates news on latest trends and fashion fiestas. It has a wide and versatile range of topics, from makeup and beauty products to weight loss hacks and hair hacks.

  1. Glamorganic Desi

The queen of organic DIY beauty, Glamorganic Desi is a favourite among Indian women. Glamorganic Desi has implemented the most lucrative DIY ideas to help you cope up with everyday beauty problems using only organic products.

  1. Beauty and the Best

An aspiring beauty guru, Shreya, is the author of this blog. Beauty and the Best features various skin care routines, honest makeup and product reviews and the usual tricks and beauty tips.

  1. Vanity No Apologies (VNA)

Anshita Juneja, the founder of VNA, is one of the top Indian beauty bloggers. Shes has successfully created her beauty blog into a brand with her marketing skills. It stresses on the global reference of its content trying to reach as much beauty enthusiasts as possible.

  1. Love and Other Bugs

Love and Other Bugs has evolved from the friendship of two girlfriends and their mutual fashion enthusiasm. They love to refer to themselves as “bugs” who make the beauty and fashion hacks for young women a lot less difficult.

  1. New Love – Makeup

Managed by a foodie and a beauty blogger, Bhumika Thakkar, has been blogging for more than 6 years now. In her blog, New Love – Makeup, she centers her content around skin care routines, makeup trends and hacks, and product reviews.

  1. Corallista

Named after the coral beauty rage back in 2011, beauty blogger Ankita includes vlogging to share her personal beauty experience in her content along with the usual makeup tutorials, celebrity makeup inspiration and much more.

  1. Beauty and Makeup Love

When Arzoo resorted to creating a beauty blog for spreading her beauty wellness knowledge, she ended up starting a blog of her own. Her blog features numerous beauty benefit tips and makeup tutorials.

  1. Cherry on Top

Cherry on Top strives to spread beauty knowledge based on the personal experiences of the author, Sayantini. She reviews products and provides only the best advice before deciding to buy a beauty product.

  1. Everything That Matters

This is another Indian beauty website that advises you on the effectiveness of a product before you buy it. They provide a thorough and complete review on cosmetic as well as organic products and helps you look the very best.

  1. Indian Beauty Forever

Blogger Niesha has enriched in her content the amazing nail art tutorials, makeup tutorials, eye makeup hacks, beauty posts and lots more.


  1. VanityCaseBox

This blog can become your best friend in no time as it suggests cost-effective and easy makeup tips and tricks to spare you from visiting the salon frequently.

  1. Makeup by Hina

Hina focuses on Indian makeup, fashion and beauty trends. She has a magnetic personality and likes to showcase her feminine side through her beauty knowledge and wellness ideas.


  1. GuiltyBytes

Devina Malhotra’s GuiltyBytes embraces the feminine beauty and prioritizes skin and body wellness. Apart from fashion tips, she creates beauty wellness contents, wedding ideas, honest product reviews and much more.


  1. All She Needs

Debasree Banerjee writes about fashion trends, skincare products, lifestyle and beauty wellness in her All She Needs website.

  1. Gia says that

Gia Kashyap is an aspiring beauty guru. Her blog categories include makeup and beauty tips, travel, lifestyle, product reviews, latest mehndi designs and a few more.


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