Try These 10 Easy Attractive Nail Arts

One of the attractive part of the female is nails, lots of girl or women are going to decorate their nails. They are always wondering for the variety or different type of nail art.  There are various nail arts which is used by the girls, lot of stuffs are available which is used for making attractive nail arts. Below are the ten attractive nail arts. Lots of nail arts accessories are available in the market, so if you also want to have attractive nails then try these 10 simple nail arts.

  1. Apply pink color on base and make design with black color.

  1. Awesome design on Black color.


  1. A three layer design on natural color in base or can say Tri-Colored Design.


  1. Funky animal nail art.


  1. Simple but attractive, combination of black and red color and art with Kundan


  1. Simple Nail art with combination of black and dark red

  1. Apply white color on base and make points on that, simple but attractive and glossy look

  1. Great combination of yellow and green color, and art with black highlighter


  1. Classy look in nail art, matched with all kind of dresses


  1. Panda look in the form of nail word

The above nail arts are simple and attractive, if you apply any one of nail art on your nails then definitely you would get the appreciation from your friends. What are you waiting for, try these nail arts.