Try These 15 tips to Stop Hair Loss

Top 15 tips to Stop Hair Loss

Hello all, are you trying to seek information to stop hair loss, well, I can help you to sort out the problem of hair falling. Firstly, if the hair loss is about 80-100 strands daily then you need not to worry about it because it happens due to the end of the life cycle of hair strands. To look beautiful hairs creates 50 % of the beauty of the face with the right style and maintenance. I am providing you some of the tips to stop the hair loss.

hair loss

  • A regular scalp massage with hair oil provides nourishment to the scalp,
  • Avoid stress, pressure and release tension from mind,
  • Take healthy food more and avoid eating unhealthy and calorific food,
  • Take a walk in the fresh air daily to improve the blood circulation and de-stress the body,
  • Use castor oil, coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil and rosemary oil to massage your scalp daily,
  • Try to grab vitamin A and C more from the food,
  • Eat healthy fiber, protein and iron rich foods,
  • Apply henna powder with lemon or basil or fenugreek powder on the scalp for better nutrition,
  • Avoid using hair dryer frequently,
  • Keep hairs safe from dust, sunlight and pollution,
  • Get a good resource of omega-3 for your body, it’s the best nourishment for the scalp,
  • Take deep breaths, do regular exercise and do meditation for some time,
  • Avoid using chemical products for hair that are available in the market,
  • Get a good herbal shampoo for hair and wash at least twice in a week,
  • Instead of using chemical products try using home remedies and herbal products.

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