Hello beautiful angels hope you all doing well, you girls tried different kinds of natural scrubs and cosmetics scrub products to exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells from your face but did you ever tried this wonderful and excellent coffee scrub ever, I hear a big NO from you girls, So don’t worry I’m here to share you girls the homemade simple, easy and effective DIY Coffee scrub dears, coffee is not only used to drink but also it is used for skin and hair care treatments also, in that big list of coffee benefits now I’m going to introduce this coffee scrub using only two simple ingredients called coffee and olive oil.


This face scrub is useful for all skin types but A BIG NO FOR PIMPLE OR ACNE PRONE SKIN , why I’m telling this because if you scrub your face using any face scrubs during acne  it well breakout all the pimples and damage your skin heavily so don’t use any face scrubs for acne prone skin. But if you use this scrub during clear face or pimple free face means it helps to prevent your skin from pimples and acne problems for sure.


Before going to see this miracle face scrub we first see the simple and super introduction about coffee and olive oil. Come, let’s go.


Finely grounded coffee powder – 2 tablespoon

Extra virgin olive oil – 1 tablespoon


“Stop telling me to smile.

You are not the boss of my face.

If you want me to smile,

Bring me coffee”


This is the one of the wonderful quotes that describes the coffee’s importance. Coffee is a best beverage of all time, many people can’t wake up in the morning without this wonderful morning energy giving beverages, in our skin care we are saying coffee also as caffeine. This caffeine is good for our skin. If you add this caffeine to your skin care routine means within one month you will become an angel for sure.

English name- coffee or caffeine

Tamil name- Kaappithool/podi

Hindi name- coffee

Telugu name-nisivarnostakamu

Kannada name- boondhbisineeru

Malayalam name- kaappipodi


Coffee helps to tighten your skin, exfoliates your skin, brightens your skin, reduces acne problem, and reduces under eye dark circle and eye puffiness, and helps to repair UV damage and prevents our face from acne and pimples.



“I have olive skin, so if I get pale, I

Look Green. I have to tan.”- Nicole Richie.

Olive oil gives many benefits to our skin and hair because of its high nutrient values and natural moisturizing agents present in this. There are different kinds of names are there for olive oil in different languages some of them are listed below

English name- olive oil

Tamil name- olive ennai

Hindi name- jaitunkatel

Telugu name- jeetathailam

Kannada name- oudalaenne

Malayalam name- oliyenna

Olive oil is a good natural moisturizer, it helps to improve skin tone and health, and it highly has anti-aging properties. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants, vitamins like E & A, helps to hydrate your skin, it is very good for sensitive type skin, and it gives cleansing and refreshing benefits to your skin for sure. And it helps to nourish the dry skin type and soften the dry skin as quickly as possible if you use this regularly and gives you a wonderful glow.




  • Take 2 tablespoon of finely grounded no chemicals coffee powder and add it in a mixing bowl and take 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.
  • Mix coffee and olive oil to make a fine face scrub.
  • Before applying this face scrub kindly wash your face and then apply this face scrub.
  • Finely apply this scrub to your whole face from downwards to upwards except eyes and lips.
  • Scrub it lightly and softly all over your face in a circular motion for about 15 minutes
  • After 15 minutes continuous massage leave it for another 5 minutes and wash it off with Luke warm water.
  • And pat dry your face softly with soft cotton towel.
  • Apply some moisturizer cream finally to make your skin soft.

How do I use these face scrub? :

A t First, use the headband to keep your hair away from your face to avoid disturbance, and then I apply it on my face from downwards to upwards avoiding the eye area and lip area and I start  to scrub my face softly and smoothly to avoid irritation of my skin and scrub this coffee scrub throughout my full face most concentrating on nose tip and my forehead to get rid of blackheads and scrub my cheeks gently  in an circular motion softly and continuing this processfor about 15 minutes after scrub my face I wait for another five minutes to get full benefits from this coffee scrub to my skin. After five minutes I wash the coffee scrub using Luke warm water (not use hot or very cold water it will make your skin very dry).


After washing my face cleanly and thoroughly, I dry my face completely using a cotton towel by softly and finally I apply some moisturizer cream to my face. I prefer to use this scrub during evening or night time. Because after scrub your face the pores of your face will be automatically opened so if you go out after using this face scrub means the sun UV rays will heavily affect your skin, so kindly use this face scrub during night or evening time only to protect your skin from harmful sun rays.


  • You can also use this face scrub before doing facial because it will open up your skin pores and make your skin easy to absorb all nutrients from the face pack.
  • You can use this face scrub twice or thrice a week to get acne free skin.
  • Use herbal and no chemicals, colors and preservative added coffee powder. It will damage your skin easily.