5 Amazing Tips To Avoid Lipstick Stains On Glasses And Collars

Lipstick makes you beautiful. But, it is embarrassing, when it stains on glasses and collars. It is a prestige issue. You can’t avoid it. You will have to be careful to avoid lipstick stains on glasses and collars. I am describing about 5 tips to avoid lipstick stains on glasses and collars.

Apply a lip liner:

Before applying lipstick, apply a lip liner. Lip liner not only helps you to apply lipstick perfectly, it also prevents transferring lipstick. It is effective on lips. It holds lipstick on place. It prevents your lips from becoming nude. It protects lips to fade faster. It makes lips smooth. If you apply it there is less chance of transferring lipstick to glasses or collars. Lip liner makes your lips beautiful and fuller. It is an amazing product for your lips.

Apply a lip primer:

This is an amazing product to prevent your lipstick transferring to glass or collars. It protects your lips for a long time from transferring. It is very much effective in lips. It makes your lips noticeable. It helps you to set your lipstick perfectly. It evens the uneven area of lips. It makes your lips fuller. It creates a protection layer on lip. To avoid lipstick stains on glasses or collars, you must choose it.

Apply blotting paper:

There is no match of blotting paper to protect slipping of your lipstick. It resets lipstick. It is an amazing product. It seals your lipstick. It protects lipstick flawlessly. It helps lipstick to stay longer on lips. It takes off excessive lipstick or it absorbs excessive products. It removes outspread lipstick on lips.

Apply Powder:

After applying lipstick, apply powder. It sets lipstick perfectly. It keeps your lipstick intact. Powder reduces excessive moisturizer from the lipstick. It seals lipstick. You can use talcom powder. You will have to dab lipstick with powder. Powder makes your lips bright. It increases the beauty of lips. It evens the uneven lips. It makes your lips perfect.It makes a protective later on lip. It helps to avoid lipstick stains on glasses and collars.

Apply foundation:

Foundation is matchless in making lipstick transfer-proof. Foundation works as a base for lipstick. It works effectively in holding lipstick in place. Set it with powder. It helps you to apply lipstick perfectly. Foundation makes lipstick bright. It will seal lipstick on lips.