5 Weirdest Beauty Treatments Women Love in Different Cultures

The Beauty & Cosmetics industry never fails to amaze the world with new techniques, treatments, and some bizarre standards. Everyone wishes to have a glass skin like Korean women, peachy complexion of French girls, or flawless brown India skin. Every culture and race has one dirty little secret that associates with their ethereal beauty and clean appearance. Have you ever been asked to go to an extreme to attain an enviable glow on your face or part nose, or maybe red lips? If no, then you are in the right territory.

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With Laser, cosmetic surgeries, and amazing beauty services at your doorstep, there are still a number of strange ancient beauty techniques that manages to attract the attention of our new-age women all over the world. Be it Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz, or Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, every single woman is down for these treatments to keep age and fine lines at bay. The mysterious world of Beauty has wrapped many techniques that it under the rug for many years. These treatments cost a fortune but are loved by many men and women in different parts of the world. So, if you have just recovered from Kim Kardashian’s Vampire Facial, or bikini line bleaching, then here are five weird beauty techniques here to irk your nerves that are followed religiously in different nooks of this planet:

  1. The Poop Beautification

What is your first reaction to an animal poop? Obviously, you will not feel excited to clean it, or even enjoy a slightest of its sight. However, Greek and Roman women have something different to share, and probably it will not come off as pleasant by any means. These women make use of crocodile dung as a beauty treatment for glowing facial skin and luscious body. Quite prevalent today as well, women in older times used to mix the animal’s poop in their bathtub and then step into and stay there for a good hour. They believed that the dung on absorption would nourish their skin pores and hence add a glow to it. If this has not irked your nerves yet, then here is a poop facial for you. Originated in Japan and a Celebrity favourite beauty fix, nightingale poop facial or Geisha Facial aka Uguisu no fun (in Japanese) is touted as an effective facial treatment for:

  • Pre-mature-ageing
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Skin-lightening
  • Uneven skin tone

The procedure involves smothering the face with a mixture comprising excreta of a Japanese species of the bird, called bush warbler and some fragrant ingredients to soothe the stink. It is then applied as a leave-on mask or for a few minutes. The proceeding process is similar to any other facial regime. Women in ancient Japan loved this procedure, and now ladies in different cultures swear by its effectiveness. Stinks? Huh!

  1. Parasite Fitness Goals

What do you do to shed that extra holiday flab? You get a gym membership, probably plan a jogging regime or go on a diet. However, back in the day, some trends were horrific yet popular at the same time. The early 1900s has witnessed weight loss techniques that made use of worms and parasites for fat loss. In one of its prime edition, BBC News covered the story, stating that people used to swallow tapeworms in the form a pill and let the parasite stay in the digestive system for days. The tapeworm was feeding on the food ingested by the host, and this resulted in its poor absorption that further resulted in a loss in body mass. Once the host or the individual seeking to lose weight reached his/her desired weight, they would take anti-parasite medications to let it come out. There are serious hazards associated with the technique because the tapeworm can grow up to 30 feet and can cause serious medical problems. But, guess what, these pills are back from the dead. Recently, a San Fransisco Based pharmaceutical company names IndoMed launched weight loss pills by the name Weight-B-Gone that claims to shaed flab in a matter of days or a couple of months. Fortunate enough to pass through stringent FDA approvals, these pills contain a genetically modified head of the parasite family Taenia Saginata, in a simple language known as the Beef Tapeworm. On ingestion, a part of your meal in the digestive tract will be consumed by these worms and thereby promoting weight loss.

How about giving it a pass?

  1. Nicotine Red Lips

Red lips are considered to be a high beauty point of any woman. What do you do to get that? Probably, get a bright red lip stain, or a gloss that gives a nice coloured sheen. But, what about women who lived in the ancient era? There was no mac or Maybelline, so it is quite interesting to know what they used to accentuate this feature. In one of their exclusive studies on beauty standards and treatments in different cultures, University of Punjab put forth information on a pampering secret prevalent during the Mughal era. During those days, just like men, women used to chew betel leaves and eat other low key nicotine stuff to get a bright red tinted lip colour. The women used to eat a combination of betel seeds, lime and tobacco to achieve that perfect bright red stain. You will be amazed to know that this lip beautification technique was popularised by the gorgeous Queen Noorjehan, an empress. She used to add a number of other ingredients to the paan and ate it to get that bright red tint. Paan in parts of India, Pakistan and neighbouring countries and it is enjoyed by one and all. However, what most people forget at this stage is that chewing on tobacco or any other combinations leads to an ulcer, and even mouth cancer in the worst cases. So, it advisable for you to get beauty services at home rather than going for this very bizarre thing.

  1. Urine & Good Skin

Can you relate your Urine with facial glow? No one can ever imagine this fluid waste product that is released by the human body many a time within 24 hours can also be a beauty product in any shape or form. But, the truth is that it was and still is considered as a remedy to solve a gamut of issues, such as eczema, acne, multiple sclerosis, and even Cancer. The dated concept says that drinking Cow’s urine cures digestive issues, and skin problems similar concerns. According to further scientific researches on this Ayurveda concept, it is proved that Cow’s urine has beneficial vitamins, enzymes and micro-nutrients that works at the cellular level, boost collagen production and offer antibiotic advantages. These advantages help with a lot of medical health issues and solve debility concerns. No wonder, our ancestors loved domesticating cows or buffalos, and collected the first Urine of the day (first-morning release), and store it for medicinal purpose. The ancient healing practice of Ayurveda speaks highly of the fluid and supports the benefits with proper explanations. Although men and women in the old era were very loyal towards the Ayurveda and its preaching, the new-age is also slowly adopting this science in their daily lives. Brands like Patanjali sell their collections and packaged Cow Urine or Gau Mutra that claims to help patients with skin diseases and Cancer. Under medical supervision, Gau Mutra is advised to be ingested first thing in the morning for skin concerns and several times during the day for chronic illnesses and Cancer.

  1. The Dimple Trouble

There is no face as a perfect face, and you know that Perfection is a myth. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Dimpled cheeks have been considered as a very notable beauty features, since the time immemorial. Spot a woman or a man with dimples, and you feel naturally drawn to their enigmatic smile. However, the desire to have that perfect look, sometimes, pushes the limits of reality. Needs overtakes ethics, almost every time. The early 1900s were no different, and women used to go to extremes to get a face and body that fulfils every single beauty standards. In the year 1936, a woman named Isabella Gilbert living in New York invented a Dimple Stamper that was a spring-loaded contraption with two C-shaped knobs attached to it. These knobs were pressed onto the cheeks and left there for some time. The constant pressure was expected to create pit on both the cheeks, very similar to Dimples. Women used to get the metallic equipment and fix it upon their faces for hours, day and night. The constant pressure on the cheeks used to make a depression on their cheeks that somehow gave an impression of the sweet Dimples. Even though the success rate was good, still the practice was accompanied by a lot of unwanted tingling and pain. The results took days to show up, and this is why women were supposed to undergo a good number of sessions to achieve the Dimples of the desired depth. Similar to this invention, Korean beauty enthusiasts have also come up with something similar, but it comes with other detachable attachments. These peripherals are for lip plumping, lower lip filler, & eye widening and smile corrector. When it comes to setting beauty standards, there is no competition for Korea, but all these equipment shall make you feel uneasy in your skin.

As they say, “thing we do for beauty & attention”. If some positive identity crisis doesn’t bother you then what are you waiting for? Go for these bizarre treatments and see if you can get those perfect facial cuts.

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