Bio Oil Stretch Removal Review

Hi beautiful ladies, good morning, 🙂 , Bio oil is one of a skin care product, which helps you in removing the stretch marks, uneven skin tone and scars. Now a days, it is used by most of the women because the ingredients of bio oil contain the PurCelin oil that is effective for numerous skin issues like the dehydrated skin and aging skin. The ingredients that are used in the oil is completely natural and possess the Vitamin A & E, Lavender oil, Chamomile oil, Calendula oil, and Rosemary oil. The oil is suitable for all skin types, also for sensitive skin.

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Price & weight:

Rs. 440 for 60 ml. but if you order via the some online website, then you will get some discount on it


  • One of a good skin care product
  • Good for getting rid of scars, stretch marks, aging problem, any skin issue, etc.
  • Easily available in the market and online too. 🙂IMG-20150823-WA0002



The price of a product is quite high as compared to other oil product, but apart from that bio oil is really very effective and one will get the positive result by using this.


7.5 out of 10

Would I Recommend

I would likely to recommend to use the bio oil for your skin issues like scars, stretch marks, etc., I had never used the product, but my sister and in laws has used it, and I saw the result on their skin. They get the rid from the stretch mark and the other mark on their skin. Definitely, you should have to use bio oil, if you have any skin issue.