Legal Policy

Legal Policy

My life and style

My life and Style is a personal blogging site. If you have any questions or queries about the blogs, then you can contact the owner directly at mylifenstyle86[@]

Privacy Policy:

Any information, which is provided in the website, is just for information. The content represents the thought and opinion of the author. By accessing the site, you have to accept that all the reviews and recommendations are based on the owner personal experience.


As I am an owner of a site, so I am not remunerated to provide my opinions on the products, its services, websites, as well as on the other topics. So, please keep a note that whatever things worked for me will not necessary that all things will worked for you as well. If you are trying any product, then try it your own risk, the owner will be not responsible for any adverse effect. Reviews on my site depends on my personal experience with the products, I never review or recommend anything influenced by the third party. I have all rights on my blogs, texts, images, so it may not be published, broadcast, redistributed, or rewritten anywhere without my permission.

Copyright Policy:

My Life and Style uses the images which are available on the web and the owner never claim that she is an owner of an image. So, if you are the owner and having any problem with the images placed on my site, then you can directly contact me, and it will remove as soon as possible. My Life and Style owner has a legal copyright for the all the materials of the blog, so it may not be published or reprinted anywhere without the owner’s written permission.

Any information provided by the users of this content is just for informational purpose and it will not be put on the spam list or given/sold/distributed to any other party. The owner is not responsible for the privacy practices of the blog commenters or the blog advertisers.


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