These Tips Are For The Brides Who Wear Contact Lenses

These Tips Are For The Brides Who Wear Contact Lenses

Wash your face and hands before wearing lenses:

Wash your face and hand before wearing lenses. If your hands are dirty, bacteria may enter into your eyes through your fingers. Wash your face, otherwise when you will wear lenses, dirt will enter into your lenses. So, before wearing lenses wash your hands and face. If dirt enters into your eyes, it can cause irritation on your eyes.

Before applying makeup put on your lenses:

Before applying makeup, you will have to put on your lenses. If you put lenses after makeup, tear may come out from your eyes and will cause problems on your makeup.

Oil-based mascara will cause irritation:

If you use oil-based mascara, there is the chance of irritation. If oil-based mascara enters into your eyes, it will cause irritation. Tear will come out from eyes and makeup will lose its beauty. So, you will have to use oil-free mascara.

Pressed powder is better than lose powder:

Pressed powder will make you gorgeous and beautiful on your wedding day.

Creamy eye shadow will make your face better:

You should choose creamy eye shadow for your wedding day. Creamy eye shadow can make your face perfect.

You should choose one day contact lenses:

If you do not wash your lenses, it will cover with dirt. You will have to wash your lenses every day. But, most of the people forget to wash their lenses every day. To keep your eyes clean, you should use one-day lenses.

To make your wedding day happy, you must use non-allergic makeup:

You will have to use non-allergic makeup to make your wedding day happy. The makeup which is allergic can cause problems for you during wedding ceremony.

You shouldn’t apply makeup so close to your eyes:

If you apply makeup so close to your eyes, it will cause irritation to your eyes. Applying eye makeup, so close to your eyes will be harmful for your eyes. So, don’t apply makeup very close to your eyes.

Water-based products will make your skin fresh and glowing:

If you use water-based products it will make your skin fresh. Water-based products will keep your face fresh for long time.

Change the products which aren’t suitable for your skin:

You may buy bad makeup products unknowingly. When you will apply those makeup products you may find irritation, skin infection. Change those products immediately. Otherwise you will have to suffer from skin infection.

Don’t use makeup if you have eye infection:

If you have eye infection don’t apply makeup. If you apply makeup the infection will be severe.

You will have to take off your lenses carefully:

You will have to take off your lenses very carefully. If you wash your mouth or apply tissue paper to take your makeup by keeping lenses on your eyes, it may be problem for you. The lenses may break down or the lenses will move in a way that it will cause problems for your eyes. So, it is better to take off the lenses first.

Use high quality water-based eye remover:

You will have use high quality eye remover. The eye remover should be oil and fragrance free. You will have to use water-based high quality eye remover. Low quality eye remover can cause harm to eyes.